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Foundation Repair in Leawood Kansas

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Foundation Repair

Innovative technology, years of hands-on experience, and a team of diligent professionals.

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Houses can have issues with their foundation due to excessive moisture.

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We are true foundation repair experts, with our own patent pending technology.

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Foundation Repair Leawood, KS

Leawood Kansas is a suburb of Kansas City that boasts of beautiful homes. These homes range from over 50 years old to new builds. Regardless of the age of the home, most homes will need foundation repair at some point. PierGenius has installed our DeepPier system under several foundations in Leawood.
What most Leawood homeowners love about our foundation repair system is our service and our DeepPier technology. We install quality foundation piers that drive deep under the foundation all the way to bedrock or hard strata. This brings the house back up to level which makes the foundation more durable than it was when it was first poured.

Our Pier Technology

Our innovative DeepPier technology leads the industry in durability. Our piers are installed directly under the footing of a home and are pushed to the point of resistance. This means that once our piers are installed they will remain in place without any slipping due to soil conditions.

Many foundation repair companies use what are known as friction-based piers that are pressed to a set depth and rely on friction from the soil to hold them in place. 

These piers are well known to fail within a year or two after installation, because there is a glaring design flaw. In Leawood KS, the soil changes with the weather. Since the weather ranges from extremely cold winters where the ground freezes, to the spring season with a lot of rainfall, and hot summers, it does not take much for a friction based pier to fail. The DeepPier has a complete advantage of strength and longevity over our competitors.

Why Foundation Repair Can’t Wait?
For some homeowners, it is tempting to put off foundation repair to handle at a later date. However, doing this will only lead to more problems and higher repair costs in the long run. By calling us at the first signs of an issue, you can have confidence that the issue will be stopped in its tracks and that no further problems will develop.

With innovative technology, years of hands-on experience and a team of diligent professionals, Pier Genius can help solve any foundation issue you have. Let us provide stability for your home. Give us a call today to learn more.

True foundation repair experts.

The DeepPier foundation piering system is specifically engineered to be the very best alternative to traditional foundation piering available on the market today. Designed to make use of superior materials – concrete and steel – together our system is considered one of the strongest foundation piers in the entire industry.

Rather than being installed on the outside of the footing of the foundation like traditional piering, the DeepPier system is installed centrally under the footing. This provides direct support for the structural load.

With DeepPier, we are able to achieve a greater depth and place the support in a manner that offers the highest level of stability. Each of the interlocking DeepPier segments uses top-quality materials that maximize support and stability for the foundation. Our unique design and process lead to a higher level of stability and security than traditional foundation piering methods.

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Client Testimonials

Matt told us exactly what we needed to do to fix our foundation’s drainage problem. He was very thorough…and believable! He and his team were very courteous and cleaned up after themselves. Everything finished as promised.

Jacqueline C.

Matt Price was wonderful to work with! He is experienced, extremely honest and reliable, and really knows his stuff! I wish everyone I hire to work on my house was this competent and trustworthy! Thanks Matt, you’re the best!

Barbara R.

Matt was very informative about what needed to be done and explained every step. After several estimates Matt was by far the best value for my money. I highly recommend Pier Genius.

Karen R.

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