Repair Process

At Pier Genius, we use a unique technology, known as DeepPier Foundation Repair, to repair foundation problems. Not only do we offer superior technology, we also provide service after the work is done to ensure no further issues arise.

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Initial Evaluation

When you call Pier Genius there are a few things we won’t do:

Initial Evaluation

However, there are a few things we will do. The first step is to schedule an on-site evaluation of the foundation. Our experienced technicians will visit your home or property and visually inspect the condition of the foundation. This is the only way that a foundation repair service can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of the problem and provide a plan of action.

We may take pictures of the damage and document other signs of an issue so that we can create a clear plan of action. This is the best way to make sure even the smallest issues are found and addressed.

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Creating a Plan of Action

In some cases, we will let you know on-site what the best course of action is for repairs. In other situations, especially if the foundation issue is more serious, we may take the evaluation back to the office to create a more comprehensive plan of action.

Once we are able to create a plan, we will also be able to provide an estimate of the cost for the repair.

Cost of
Foundation Repairs

There are a number of factors that will impact the cost of our foundation repair services. One of the biggest factors is how severe the damage is. The earlier you call us for service and repairs, the less the services we provide will cost.

We will provide you with an estimate based on the work that has to be done, which is why there is no way to provide generalized pricing.

When you call Pier Genius you will have a team of skilled, experienced repair technicians working on your foundation issue. We will provide a thorough evaluation of the issue and ensure you fully understand the repair process we will use. Thanks to our unique, DeepPier technology, our services are guaranteed and offered with a warranty. Call us today for your free foundation evaluation.


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Repaired a crack in our foundation. Was able to work us into his schedule quickly. Nice work!
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One of the most honest companies I have dealt with!! I highly recommend them!!
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