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Common Signs that Foundation Repair is Needed

There are quite a few warning signs that your home may be in need of foundation repair. It is essential that you pay attention to signs of an issue and keep an eye out for anything unusual. Some of the most common signs of a foundation problem are highlighted here.

Cracks in Your Home’s Drywall and the Foundation

If you notice cracks in the foundation of your home or cracks in the ceilings and drywall, this is a definite sign of an issue. In most cases, the presence of cracks means that the foundation has begun to settle in some areas, resulting in the shifting or sinking of part of the foundation. This type of unbalance can result in the foundation separating and cracking and, as a result, the walls begin to crack.

Windows and Doors that Stick

Another common foundation problem is windows and doors that begin to stick or that get hard to open or close. This is a classic sign that the home’s foundation has begun to settle and that the home is going to need some foundation piers to help level it out and fix the issue. When you own a home, it is important to do a bit of research about the various types of foundation piers offered by companies in the local area. Be sure to choose an option that is long-lasting and effective, such as the ones used by Pier Genius.

Warped Ceilings and Sagging Floors

Some issues that are caused by a damaged foundation may show up in upper parts of your home in the form of warped ceilings and sagging floors. Also, be sure to watch for gaps where interior walls should meet with the ceiling and floor. If you are unsure if an issue is present, you can use a tennis ball to see if the floor is sloped. If it moves, there is a problem.

Wallpaper Peeling, Gaps and Nail Pops

The walls are often the most obvious parts of the home that show foundation issues are present. In addition to cracks, as mentioned before, other issues you may notice include:

  • Gaps between the frames of windows and doors and the wall.
  • Wallpaper that has become wrinkled, creased or ripped when no other damage has occurred.
  • Nail pops. These are small, cracked circles where the nail pulls out of the sheet rock or drywall, exposing the actual nail head, or pushing the pain off and away from the wall.

If you begin to notice any of these signs of a foundation issue, you should not hesitate to call for a professional inspection. The foundation repair professionals will be able to determine the cause of the issue and develop a plan of action for repair. This will help ensure the issue does not continue to get worse, which could lead to more extensive repairs being necessary down the road.

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