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Most homeowners will notice cracks in the their concrete walls. This will happen over time. You might see thin lines in a spider webbed pattern or large cracks. Whatever crack you may see, you are probably wondering where it came from. Concrete doesn’t just crack on its own. We’ll give you a few reasons why concrete cracks and what to do if you see it.

Why Do Foundation Walls Crack?

There are several things that can cause a foundation to crack. But, one main reason why homeowners get scared when concrete cracks is water can penetrate the crack easier. In some cases this is true. Soil is one of the main causes of cracks in the foundation. The soil in the Kansas City area, will shrink and expand due to weather conditions. When soil is wet it will expand. This tends to put alot of pressure on a foundation wall, which can cause the concrete to crack and bow inward. That same soil will also shrink when it is dried out, which can cause a foundation to settle which can also cause cracks to occur.

What To Do if You Notice Cracks in the Foundation

Whether there is water seeping in through the cracks or not, it is always best to get them inspected by a professional that you can trust. At PierGenius we offer free home inspections for this very reason. Cracks in the foundation can get worse and cost a lot more money over time is left alone. So if you notice any cracks in the walls please contact us today to schedule a free home inspection.