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Water can wreak havoc on a home in a number of ways. At PierGenius we want to help you understand exactly how water can hurt your foundation and what to do to prevent it from happening. The soil around the foundation of a house will shrink when it dries out and expand when it is wet. This movement places a lot of pressure on your foundation walls, which can cause them to bow inward, crack and allow water in or even cause the foundation to shift. Also, excess water pooling around a foundation will eventually get inside the home. All of these scenarios are bad and no one wants to deal with them. But there are a few things you can do to help keep the water away.

Keep Gutters Clean

The easiest way to keep water away is to clean your gutter’s each year and be sure the gutters lead the water away from the house. Dirt, leaves and debris will build up in your home’s gutters each year. It is important to clean this out and allow the water to run freely through the gutters and down the downspout away from your house. This is a simple thing that everyone can do to help keep their foundations free of excess water.

Evaluate the Yard’s Grading

A negative slope occurs when the property around the home slopes toward the foundation. This allows water to pool around the foundation and it will eventually make its way inside. There are a few solutions to this depending on your property. The easiest solution is to build up a positive grade by adding soil around your foundation. This simple step, will help keep water away from the foundation. Some properties may need more help, if this is the case a french drain can be installed to whisk the water away through and underground pipe.

Contact the Experts

We get calls all the time during heavy rains. People are typically panicked when water is coming in. But then it dries up and people get busy and forget about the water until the next heavy rain. Ignoring the problem will often make it worse in the long run. If you have water getting inside during heavy rains, give us a call. We will come out and get a game plan to keep the water out of your home.

Remember to keep water away from the foundation of your home. If you notice water leaking through your foundation give us a call and we will come give you a free estimate.