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Winter in the Kansas City area means below freezing temperatures, snow and ice. Melting ice and snow can find their way into your basement just like heavy rains. Water in your basement can lead to serious foundation problems. So if you notice water in the basement call a trusted professional right away.

How Does Water Get In?

Water finds its way in through foundation cracks, from underneath the foundation, seeping between the basement wall and floor, even through windows. At PierGenius we have been providing basement waterproofing in Kansas City for years. We will find where it came in and provide homeowners the best solution to keep the water out. Some basement waterproofing services that we provide are french drains, tile drain systems, waterproofing barriers and epoxy crack sealing.

What To Do if you Have Water in the Basement?

Each waterproofing situation is unique and will require a specific plan to keep it out. At PierGenius we offer a free home estimates to give our homeowners the best plan to keep the water out of their basement for good.

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