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Sump Pump Maintenance

Most homes in the Kansas City area have sump pumps to pump out any excess water in case of a flood from weather or broken pipes. It does not take long for water to destroy a home, so it is important to maintain your sump pump year round. Be sure to test the sump pump...

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

Fixing a Bowed Basement Wall Expansive soil can wreak havoc on a foundation. As soil continues to expand, the pressue on the foundation wall increases which pushes the wall inward. This is not a problem any homeowner wants to see. Fortunately, we have years of...

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Most homeowners do not know what to look for to determine if they need foundation repair. There are several warning signs that your home might need foundation repair. It’s important to pay attention to your home and watch for anything unusual. These are a few signs...

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